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Our firm has extensive experience in representing people who are involved in trucking accidents. These clients need someone to stand up for them, to be their voice, and to be unafraid in the face of trucking company lawyers seeking to minimize the extent of the damage done to an individual in a trucking accident.

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Often, people assume that insurance adjusters at accident scenes are there to help the victims. Do not make this assumption. Rather, adjusters arrive in service of the trucking company and the insurance company.

If you are contacted by an insurance adjuster, do NOT speak with him or her. Instead, call the Law Offices of Young & Nichols. We will advise you and possibly handle the entire situation for you so that no one is taking advantage of you at such a delicate time.

Central Valley Truck Accident Lawyers

Bakersfield is situated along the uniquely difficult I-5 and I-99 corridors and therefore sees far more high-speed traffic than other parts of the state. Not surprisingly, the city and surrounding areas also see more than their share of trucking related accidents and accidents involving agriculture or farming trucks, such as tip-and-crash cases. Located in Bakersfield, we are highly experienced in these cases.

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Our firm routinely investigates such accidents, and our investigation is both detailed and uncompromising, because our clients deserve it and because the insurance laws governing these situations are highly technical. In each case we determine how many insurance policies are at stake. Are there different policies, for instance, for the truck and the trailer? We also review trucking logs. Are they being kept correctly, or is a trucker showing one log to police and another to his boss? There are federal rules in place limiting the number of hours a driver can spend on the road without taking a break, and we want to know if he or she is exceeding them. Does the truck in question have a “black box” that details the actual events involved in the trucking accident? If so, you can bet that we will obtain it.

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